A surprise proposal at Durdle Door!

When Ben first emailed me about his plans, to surprise his girlfriend Mica with a proposal, at the stunning beach at Durdle Door… and have ME there to capture the whole thing… honestly, I did a little happy dance!!

It’s not the kind of shoot you see very often, and a complete first for me!! We spent a few weeks planning all the details, where on the beach…the time of day…how he would get Mica to the beach…what clothes he would be wearing and what they look like (I hadn’t met them before, so wanted to make sure I photographed the right couple haha!!)

The plan was that as far as Mica knew, they were meeting some friends to go for a dog walk down on the beach at Durdle Door at 7.30pm…

I arrived at the car park at 7pm and swiftly made my way down to the beach…it started raining when I arrived which I totally was not expecting, it had been the sunniest day and no rain was forecast! Luckily it stopped pretty quickly and the most gorgeous golden hour lighting started to appear…perfect!!

My heart was racing and I was shaking with excitement when I saw them come down onto the beach with their super cute pooches (Edna and Bernadette-best dog names ever!!) I tried to wander closer to where they had stopped without looking like a crazy person!

And then… he did it!

Mica was so shocked, it was just amazing to capture such a moment and Ben picked the BEST ever spot to get down on one knee, where I could place them right in front of the arch of Durdle Door and luckily have NO tourists in the shot behind them!

It took Mica around 30 seconds to realise I was there and I heard Ben explain who I was (not a crazy person with a camera haha) They had some time to sit by themselves to take in the moment, before there friends (hiding amongst the tourists) came over to congratulate them and we went a little further up the beach for some couple portraits 🙂

Such a special way to pop the question and I feel so privileged to have been there, definitely not a shoot I will forget! HUGE congratulations again Ben & Mica xxx

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