My 5 TOP tips for styling a flatlay

Flatlays are still some of the most popular images on social media and platforms like Pinterest, and I can see why!

As well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they can convey a message or idea within seconds. In a time when our attention can only be held for a few seconds when scrolling away on our phones… flatlay photography can play a HUGE part in your branding strategy and can be a game changer when used well.

Here are my 5 top tips to creating an eye catching flatlay…

  1. Lighting- Don’t underestimate the importance of light. Choosing a light time of day (morning instead of evening) and placing your subjects close to a window with natural light will make a very big difference to your final image.

2.Background- Generally light and non distracting backgrounds work best. If you don’t have the right type of surface in your house or office then think outside the box.. you can buy rolls of stick-on worktop surfaces like these from B&Q, or using material like a throw or bedsheet can work well and add texture.

3. Props- As well as the products you are trying to showcase or main element you want in the image, include extra props to add interest and layers. Flowers, candles and books/notebooks work well. Be mindful to use props that portray the message you are trying to get across and that don’t look out of place.

flatlay styling

4. Styling- Take your time to style the image, usually photos that look less staged have actually taken longer to create… Start with your bigger items first, then add layers using fabrics/flowers/smaller props. Think about whether you want to image to be portrait, landscape or square.

5. Editing- Even when taking images using your phone there is a certain amount of editing that can be done to enhance your images. Using apps such as Lightroom or Instagram you can lighten, crop, add more contrast and change the colour tone… be mindful when using filters to always stick to the same ones so create a cohesive look to your images and ultimately your brand.

The main thing I would recommend is to play around and have fun, the best way to learn is to experiment.

If you’re interested in taking your flatlay photography to the next level, I will be sharing tips similar to the above and a LOT more in my up and coming Flatlay Styling & Photography Workshops!

My next upcoming workshop is on Sunday 11th August…

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