How to prepare for your branding photo shoot

branding photoshoot

My 5 top tips on how to prepare for your branding photo shoot.

After working with and shooting branding imagery for many fellow female entrepreneurs, I often get asked a lot of the same questions…

“I’m not a model- how will I know how to pose?”

“What do I need to buy before the shoot?”

“I hate having my photo taken, so never show my face in my marketing, please help?!”


Also being one to shy away from the camera, I completely understand your worries and hesitations. I have put together my top 5 tips on how best to prepare for your branding photo shoot.


1- Get Inspired!

Have a look through images on places like Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration. Really think about the style of images you want to create for your brand. This is the stage to dream big, pin until your hearts content and gather allllll the ideas!!

2- Get focussed.

Now it’s time to really delve deep, get to the heart of your business and into who you are as an entrepreneur. What are your key messages and best selling points and how can we showcase this in your imagery? Get concise about your brand message, colour palette and overall vision. This will all have a big impact on the images we create and how you appeal to your dream client. This is the stage where I will put together our final mood-board for your branding session.

3- Plan & purchase.

Now you don’t need to go crazy here, buying props and accessories etc… but, if you are paying for professional branding images, then its best to be prepared so we can get the absolute most out of the session. Buying some fresh flowers for your office or treating yourself to a new outfit is definitely ok, even encouraged! And yes that means I give you complete permission to buy all that beautiful stationery haha… But first I would have a little look around your workspace and home first, you may be surprised by what you already have that will work great in your session!

4- Pamper.

To look and feel your absolute best in your images you may want to think about this in advance, book in with your hairdresser the week of the shoot or even book in with a pro makeup artist for the morning of the session. It’s not very often we get to pamper ourselves, we are usually so busy behind the scenes, working on our businesses. What better excuse than a professional photo shoot?! This is your chance to show your face and the fabulous fempreneur that you are!

5- And…relax!

I know its a little (heck not just a little!) scary- the thought of having someone up close with a camera pointing at you. You will be worrying about how best to pose, is your hair in place and so on… Please just remember, I am an absolute pro at making my clients feel super comfortable in front of the camera and showing them at their best. You will usually be in your own workspace and comfort zone, which often helps. I will direct you when ever needed and do not expect an experienced model…your customers want to see the real you and we get to bring that out in its best light.



Have a look through some of my past branding photography imagery here and please get in contact if you would like a chat about how we can work together.

Sophie xx

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