Working from home? Make your house a home (studio)!

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Working from home? Aren’t we all!

Well actually, this is no big change for me… as I work from home all year round, in my home studio! Albeit I don’t usually have the toddler and husband at home with me 24/7, but it’s been a fun adjustment!

If you are a small biz owner, entrepreneur or working from home then you will know all too well, the joys of putting on allllll the hats! And creating your own imagery may have seemed like a daunting or impossible prospect (there is huge value in outsourcing certain aspects of your business and professional imagery is a truly valuable investment)- don’t get me wrong!

But in this current stage of affairs, now is a great time to focus ON your business instead of IN and getting out the camera to create your own imagery content could be a great use of your time!

“But we don’t all have home studios Sophie!” I hear you say…

working from home

Well here is my biggest secret (sshhhhh)…the best flat lay images I have created were taken in my bedroom, on my bed! As long as you have good lighting (aka a bedroom window), a backdrop (aka a plain board, blanket or bed sheet) and some props (aka your product/a pretty notepad/a cup of coffee/your laptop/a candle/your business cards/I could go on & on…) you CAN create your very own branding flat lays!!

For more tips about styling your flat lays then head over to my blog post- My 5 Top Tips for styling a flat lay

If you are ready to learn allll my flat lay photography tips & tricks, then the wait is over… my new online course The Flat Lay Lab is now live and ready to purchase! 

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