It’s time to stand out & use flat lay photography to enhance your brand (& stop buying generic stock images…)

When building your brand image there are many aesthetic elements to consider… Colour palette, logo, typography, products. As well as your brand message & ethos. All of these elements can be portrayed through the power of flat lay or branding photography, in a stand out visual way.

By using free or purchased stock imagery rather than bespoke branding photography, it can be difficult to add personal elements or show how your brand is unique!

flat lay photography tips

Using tech and/or marketing material such as business cards, the image very quickly becomes an extension of your brand.. By adding personal items such as your favourite mug or book, you send a message portraying who you are as an entrepreneur… Can you see how this is so much stronger than a generic stock image?!

Although stock photos can be a fantastic source of image content, to build a cohesive & strong brand image is difficult. Investing in bespoke branding photography can really help you to stand out from the crowd, as well as look far more professional.

Another thing to consider with your brand imagery, is having imagery that connects and corresponds with the subjects you are talking about on your social media/website/blog…

flat lay styling tips

As an example, if you were a wedding cake designer having a baking day, a flat lay with baking goods or a finished product would go well alongside what you are talking to your followers about. Whereas a desktop style image with a coffee and notepad, could be used when you are talking about catching up with admin or dates booking up!

Interested in taking your branding photography to the next level? I am excited to announce The Flat Lay Lab – An online flat lay course for the creative entrepreneur launched on 1st May!!  Learn the art of flat lay photography, to enhance your brand.

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