The Power Of The Flat lay

With the current situation, (don’t worry I won’t be talking about the virus, I think we all need a little break from that!) us small business owners and entrepreneurs have found ourselves in a super rare position… with lots & lots of extra time on our hands to work ‘on’ our business instead of ‘in’ our business, for a change.

Although we are juggling life with little ones or partners also at home with us, it really is a great time to work on those tasks we just never seem to find the time for… updating the website, scheduling our social media, working on our graphics or content etc.

As I am currently unable to serve clients through my group Flat lay workshops and Branding Photography, I want to share a post I did last year about styling flat lays (check it out here) with some helpful tips for creating your own flat lay images at home, using your own camera or phone.

Flat lay photography can play a HUGE part in your branding strategy and are some of the most popular images on social media.

For many businesses posting on social media is a tricky business, they often have plenty to talk about, but finding the right image to post can be difficult. As a photographer I always have a catalog of images to choose from, but I appreciate most small businesses don’t have this luxury, without paying for a professional shoot, or using generic and over used stock images. So creating your own eye catching (and on-brand) flat lays can be a real game changer!

If you’re interested in taking your brand imagery to the next level, I am excited to announce The Flat Lay Lab – an online version of my Flat lay Photography Workshop will be launching on 1st May!! Learn the art of flat lay photography, to enhance your brand.

For first access to the course and the one off early bird discount, then pop yourself onto my Mailing List now!

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